Franklin Wisconsin now fines you if you accidenly call 911

Well the suburb of Franklin, WI just outside Milwaukee will give you a fine if you call 911 by accident.  They are citing that 7 out of 1 calls are legit. Most of the calls they get are wrong numbers or butt dialed. I can understand that they are getting tired of answering calls that are not emergencies but come one. Your job is to answer the phone and get the proper response. The tax payers pay you to do that job. So if people accidentally call you, it is what goes along with the game. This seems like they either want to do less work or see how many people they can fire. Then to rake in money from people who called on accident. I can understand giving a ticket to someone who calls just to fuck with them but accidents, please. I think they are running out of money and grabbing at what they can. Yes, you do have 3 chances before they give you that fine. The question is that for a lifetime or a year or what. I say i accidentally call 911 1-3 times a year by accident. My kid has called 911 a couple times too. It happens. So your going to fine people for accidental dialing. What is next, you trip and fall they going to fine you. Walk too slow they fine you. How much more will we take.