United States Says Syria Has Crossed The Line

Opening fire on civilians, okay. Using military firepower against its own people during protests, okay. Starving out and causing people to run to another country is perfectly acceptable! Thou when Syria may or may not used chemical weapons, that’s not right. We have to draw our line and the sand and beat our chests. Why do you ask all of a sudden they give a flying f$$k about Syria? Well according to Obama, because terrorist may get their hands on them…wtf! Did I miss something here. The government of Syria are terrorists. Thou your worried now that some shadow bad guy will get the weapons and attack us. Give me a break. If we, the United States of America are suppose to be the world cops and stop the bad guys. Why in gods name are we allowing a government commit genocide on its own people? Oh no they cant use chemical weapons!!! Be it chemical, bio, or standard, weapons kill. We should of gone in and rocked their world in a blitzkrieg attack with all our weapons and moved on. Dont invade, just rocket the hell out of all their military forces and let the people rebuild. Thou, that is too hard to think about unless the use chemical weapons, lol. God give me a break. It is because we don’t want to upset Russia and Iran because they have nukes. Please call a spade a spade Obama. If they are attacking innocent women in children, it is our duty to do something about it.


Boston Bombing News

Today the major news outlets reported that the two brothers might have been heading to New York. My only question is if all these people knew about things they were going to do, why did it happen. It just weird that both governments here and in Russia were watching them and they were about to do all this crazy shit without someone noticing. I understand that sometimes they cant arrest people until they do it but I thought terrorism fell under the blanket of not needing that. You mention bomb and the TSA is so far up your ass even if your joking. Makes you think.