Radioactive Water Dumped Into Lake

Well they say that nuclear plants are totally safe. That there is nothing to see here but they are. Apparently a power plant in Michigan was allowed to dump radioactive water into the lake because if a leak. Why would the EPA allow this. No level of radioactivity is safe. They allowed this because of a tank leak. Why did they not shutdown the plant to repair the tank before the forced shutdown of the plant? Greed! They would lose millions to be down to fix the tank. I think that nuclear isnt the worst thing if they keep plants in tip top shape. Thou over the years, plant managers have just let them goto hell. They still dont have a safe place to store the waste either. This is why we need to build more wind and solar to switch over the power grid. At least most the conponents can be recycled and broke down once the parts are not needed or old. Toxic waste lasts forever! So people speak up and get ob the ball with clean energy. Story


America Going To The Girls

Today more and more girls are joining the workforce and sports. This uprise of girl power has been the dream of house wifes and womens lib for decades. I for one am happy that their efforts have been accomplished. Then there is the overkill.

The reason being now there are way more females than males in the workforce. I would be okay if it was close but no cigar here. The number of males in the workforce is around 42%. Which is low, but even lower then 63% of females are in the workforce. I understand much of the workforce of males are in industries that have tanked. Thou what I dont understand that backup jobs that males did during slow times are filled with females. When I walk onto a fastfood place or retail, its normally mostly females. I do understand everyone needs a job but its reversing the trend. There are more issues as well.

Females are having sex with males more and more without protection. This is causing the explosion in babies mainly in lower income brackets. Then after the baby is born one of two things happen. One the man runs off, which I do find that female is partly to blame. Second is the dad is taken for everything and cant see the kid. I personally think this is because our personal safety nets are badly designed. There are some bad men out there that should not see their kids but the amount is staggering. I am sorry but someone is lying. I think you need proof if something wrong with the dad, not just taking the females word for it. The other thing is if you dont want the dad in the kids life, child support should not be a option. Too many kids with no dads but the mother says no. this is a sore subject to me living in the ghetto for a bit with all there baby mammas running around. Lastly on my list is affermitive action.

This worked in the past but not anymore. Females have more jobs than men. Minorties are getting more and more jobs. Lets be fair to everyone, get rid of it. May the best woman/man win.