Bear Eats Monkey After Race

This is taking a step back and share a messed up story. A bear and monkey were racing in a circus race. At the end the bear ate the monkey Story


Attack on Syria, Unwarrented or Needed

As you have all read, Syria has been on the reciving end of some nasty missle attacks. I do believe that Syria needs to stop killing people but I dont think Israel has much room to speak. Since they like attacking people in the west bank. Now I do understand they are worried missiles and the such may get into the wrong hands. Thou really, do they have the manpower to attack anyone? They have their own internal wars to deal with. I personally don’t think they should attack anyone. Doesnt Syria have access to nuclear weapons and their buddies to the north in Iran do too. I can just see this going horrible for them, thou I have a theory. Israel attacks Syria, Syria attacks back. Iran starts getting pissy and attacks Israel as well. Then America is like well you cant do that and steps in to help Israel.  Then after that Russia steps in as well as China, this because both countries have told America to stay out of Syria. NOW EVERYONE STARTS WORLD WAR THREE. See how that works. Its just a theory and it may not work out that way but I could see it happening. Do you see this as a possible? Leave your answers in the comment section below. For Cobspiracy Theory Today, this is Dillion McCaskin.

America Going To The Girls

Today more and more girls are joining the workforce and sports. This uprise of girl power has been the dream of house wifes and womens lib for decades. I for one am happy that their efforts have been accomplished. Then there is the overkill.

The reason being now there are way more females than males in the workforce. I would be okay if it was close but no cigar here. The number of males in the workforce is around 42%. Which is low, but even lower then 63% of females are in the workforce. I understand much of the workforce of males are in industries that have tanked. Thou what I dont understand that backup jobs that males did during slow times are filled with females. When I walk onto a fastfood place or retail, its normally mostly females. I do understand everyone needs a job but its reversing the trend. There are more issues as well.

Females are having sex with males more and more without protection. This is causing the explosion in babies mainly in lower income brackets. Then after the baby is born one of two things happen. One the man runs off, which I do find that female is partly to blame. Second is the dad is taken for everything and cant see the kid. I personally think this is because our personal safety nets are badly designed. There are some bad men out there that should not see their kids but the amount is staggering. I am sorry but someone is lying. I think you need proof if something wrong with the dad, not just taking the females word for it. The other thing is if you dont want the dad in the kids life, child support should not be a option. Too many kids with no dads but the mother says no. this is a sore subject to me living in the ghetto for a bit with all there baby mammas running around. Lastly on my list is affermitive action.

This worked in the past but not anymore. Females have more jobs than men. Minorties are getting more and more jobs. Lets be fair to everyone, get rid of it. May the best woman/man win.

The Final Countdown, Obamacare

Well normal people and tax preparers are getting ready for the end of the year changes now. There are bunch of new tax laws that go into effect this year that include Obamacare. Another tax that people dont know about is the new taxes on stocks. If your stock pays out a dividend, be prepared to shell out up to 48 percent tax on that. Also watch out for the 65 dollar insurance tax that you have to pay with your premium. So when you see that fat man at mcdonalds ordering 10 cheeseburgers, yoy now can yell at him. High risk people are the reason for that tax. Thank you for the healthcare Obama but you did nothing to lower the costs.

NY Police Commissioner Ray Kelly: “all terrorism is theater”

I really think this guy just needs to shut up. Kelly talks out if his arse most of the time with little thought. When is bloomburg going to tell him to shutup and put his big head on the desk.

The Invisible Opportunity: Hidden Truths Revealed

By Martin Hill

April 27, 2013

New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, in a recent TV interview discussing the Boston bombings, affirmed what false-flag aficionados have known for years: that “all terrorism is theater”.

Airing April 21st on with CNN’s “GPS” program with host Fareed Zakaria, gun-grabber Kelly also referenced other false flags, such as 9/11 and the 1993 attack on the twin towers, where the FBI admittedly supplied the bombs. [See The FBI Allowed the 1993 WTC Bombing to Happen , 9/11 Index of What Really Happened, and FAKE TERROR – THE ROAD TO WAR AND DICTATORSHIP. A CBS NEWS report with Dan Rather about FBI complicity in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing is available here.]

KELLY: No, we haven’t seen an increase in threats, but our operating assumption is that we’re always at risk. We’re a city that obviously had two horrific attacks…

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United States Says Syria Has Crossed The Line

Opening fire on civilians, okay. Using military firepower against its own people during protests, okay. Starving out and causing people to run to another country is perfectly acceptable! Thou when Syria may or may not used chemical weapons, that’s not right. We have to draw our line and the sand and beat our chests. Why do you ask all of a sudden they give a flying f$$k about Syria? Well according to Obama, because terrorist may get their hands on them…wtf! Did I miss something here. The government of Syria are terrorists. Thou your worried now that some shadow bad guy will get the weapons and attack us. Give me a break. If we, the United States of America are suppose to be the world cops and stop the bad guys. Why in gods name are we allowing a government commit genocide on its own people? Oh no they cant use chemical weapons!!! Be it chemical, bio, or standard, weapons kill. We should of gone in and rocked their world in a blitzkrieg attack with all our weapons and moved on. Dont invade, just rocket the hell out of all their military forces and let the people rebuild. Thou, that is too hard to think about unless the use chemical weapons, lol. God give me a break. It is because we don’t want to upset Russia and Iran because they have nukes. Please call a spade a spade Obama. If they are attacking innocent women in children, it is our duty to do something about it.

Franklin Wisconsin now fines you if you accidenly call 911

Well the suburb of Franklin, WI just outside Milwaukee will give you a fine if you call 911 by accident.  They are citing that 7 out of 1 calls are legit. Most of the calls they get are wrong numbers or butt dialed. I can understand that they are getting tired of answering calls that are not emergencies but come one. Your job is to answer the phone and get the proper response. The tax payers pay you to do that job. So if people accidentally call you, it is what goes along with the game. This seems like they either want to do less work or see how many people they can fire. Then to rake in money from people who called on accident. I can understand giving a ticket to someone who calls just to fuck with them but accidents, please. I think they are running out of money and grabbing at what they can. Yes, you do have 3 chances before they give you that fine. The question is that for a lifetime or a year or what. I say i accidentally call 911 1-3 times a year by accident. My kid has called 911 a couple times too. It happens. So your going to fine people for accidental dialing. What is next, you trip and fall they going to fine you. Walk too slow they fine you. How much more will we take.


Boston Bombing News

Today the major news outlets reported that the two brothers might have been heading to New York. My only question is if all these people knew about things they were going to do, why did it happen. It just weird that both governments here and in Russia were watching them and they were about to do all this crazy shit without someone noticing. I understand that sometimes they cant arrest people until they do it but I thought terrorism fell under the blanket of not needing that. You mention bomb and the TSA is so far up your ass even if your joking. Makes you think.