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IRS Still in Trouble

The IRS is somehow in deep trouble since they have been targeting certain groups instead of doing random picks.  Now I understand that they need to do random checks of non-profit statuses but this is not random. Of their total checks, 25% of them have been against tea baggers, right wing nuts, and freedom groups. I am all for checking things out but it just seems like they are picking on them for whatever reason. It might be the fact that a lot of the people who are in these groups are not well liked by good ol’ uncle sam. They tend to not like the government. Cry whenever taxes are put into place. And also hate big brother with a passion. Well who else would you think is the biggest of big brothers outside DHS than the IRS. So go figure they are being targeted by them. If you speak out do not be surprised that you will get a knock at the door by the feds. Do i think this is a bad thing, yes! Mainly because the government is more and more going after people who speak out against them. I am okay with government to stop terrorist and real criminals but just going after people who are just voicing their right as a U.S citizen is just plain messed up you know. How do you feel, should they be doing this? Is it right? Tell me in the comments below.


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2 responses to “IRS Still in Trouble

  1. 1wanderingtruthseeker ⋅

    I and my family believe one day the F.B.I. is going to knock on my door for stating my beliefs. The thought police have come for you. A medical form I received last week ask if me or anyone in my house owns a gun. Tell me, how does owning a gun have anything to do with my health.

    • Well It does. I think people should take a test every few years for a mental eval but there is a issue with this. If you feel a little stressed or depressed which pretty much everyone is these days and they take your weapon. Thou I mental health should be number one issue facing gun owners, I think this will just be an excuse if you dont keep the same views as them.

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