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100k Downloads For Printable Gun: DOJ Cries

Well after releasing details on how to make a printable gun. The department of justice is crying foul. They are issuing a legal takedown to stop sharing CAD plans that will allow you to print a gun. They are citing laws pertaining to exporting weapons for the takedown. The funny thing is they have no issue giving guns to drug cartels and terrorists but if the people figure out how to prouce their own guns….omg. Now you could argue that this will allow gangbangers to get guns easier. I never met a gangbanger tech savy enough to build and setup a 3D printer. It isnt for the faint if heart or retarded. Also some terrorist hiding in a cave doesnt scare me much either. I think they are afraid they will be used against the government. I personally dont think a armed conflict with the government would work at all. I also would not support such a cause, but I would not be suprised if it did happen. So what do you think? Is the DOJ really worried about guns going overseas via the plans or are they worried about us getting them. Questions and comments below.


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I am the host of Conspiracy Theory Today on the Podantics Production Network.

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