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Attack on Syria, Unwarrented or Needed

As you have all read, Syria has been on the reciving end of some nasty missle attacks. I do believe that Syria needs to stop killing people but I dont think Israel has much room to speak. Since they like attacking people in the west bank. Now I do understand they are worried missiles and the such may get into the wrong hands. Thou really, do they have the manpower to attack anyone? They have their own internal wars to deal with. I personally don’t think they should attack anyone. Doesnt Syria have access to nuclear weapons and their buddies to the north in Iran do too. I can just see this going horrible for them, thou I have a theory. Israel attacks Syria, Syria attacks back. Iran starts getting pissy and attacks Israel as well. Then America is like well you cant do that and steps in to help Israel.  Then after that Russia steps in as well as China, this because both countries have told America to stay out of Syria. NOW EVERYONE STARTS WORLD WAR THREE. See how that works. Its just a theory and it may not work out that way but I could see it happening. Do you see this as a possible? Leave your answers in the comment section below. For Cobspiracy Theory Today, this is Dillion McCaskin.


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I am the host of Conspiracy Theory Today on the Podantics Production Network.

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