Dana Loesch: If Bundy Trespass Cows Were Illegal Aliens They’d Get EBT Cards & Obama Phones

That is is true lol. I really think if they just said hey we want you off for a solar plan people would be like okay. Send the cattle back to the dudes land and move on. They decided to take his cattle, aim guns are everyone, taser people, then openly say they would open fire on protesters is just one big cluster eff. People understand we need better options than nuclear and coal. There would be some crying but not this huge massively bad PR the BLM and the stupid governor has now. I think the government doesnt think we can handle the truth. I think the american people would care for like 2 seconds and move on. Now they will have protest after protest now against them. Ugg politicians know nothing.


Blaze TV and radio host Dana Loesch joined Megyn Kelly tonight to discuss the Bundy Ranch controversy. Cliven Bundy is the last remaining rancher in a southern Nevada county battling the Bureau of Land Management over his grazing rights. His family has been ranching on the land since the 1800′s. The feds are confiscating and killing his cattle.

“He (Cliven Bundy) is claiming he has title to the easement this land which the devil’s in the details. Maybe he does and that’s something he and BLM can work out. But they approached this heavy-handed from the get go. And, I’ll tell you this. If these cattle, BLM called them trespass cattle. If these cattle, were people and they were here illegally, the Department of Justice would be running guns to them and the Department of Homeland Security would be driving by with free government phones and EBT cards. But, now…

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Yellow Fever Is Back!

It has been almost 40 years since yellow fever was killed off here in america but now its back with the return of its host, the yellow jacket mosquito. It was wiped out with the help of DDT which seemed at the time to be the only way to keep it in check. I hope they have a new and improved way to kill them off or we could have thousand if not millions of deaths in north america from the virus it spreads. Even thou it was only found in San Francisco, the city is already asking the pubic in around the city to get rid of any standing water before it becomes a full blow out break. I find it weird that people in San Francisco started attacking people like Kevin Rose and Google for being parasites and now this shows up. Maybe they will know the real definition when it get a hold of them. Do you think this was released on purpose or a old foe finally came back from the dead? Leave your comments below. 

Welp, I am back and ready for some action!

Well I made this page a bit back so I could start a show. After almost a year of moving and everything I am back. Soon I will be posting both this blog and also will be doing video. I also will soon be moving to a new server so I can host my own stuff. Less chance that the powers will be able to shut me down. W00t All around. The Show will be video and be Monday, Weds, Friday every week. It will be a short show but overall shouldnt be over the top to bore you with hours of yammering. It will be to the point and fast moving. So Hope to see you soon. Peace!

IRS Still in Trouble

The IRS is somehow in deep trouble since they have been targeting certain groups instead of doing random picks.  Now I understand that they need to do random checks of non-profit statuses but this is not random. Of their total checks, 25% of them have been against tea baggers, right wing nuts, and freedom groups. I am all for checking things out but it just seems like they are picking on them for whatever reason. It might be the fact that a lot of the people who are in these groups are not well liked by good ol’ uncle sam. They tend to not like the government. Cry whenever taxes are put into place. And also hate big brother with a passion. Well who else would you think is the biggest of big brothers outside DHS than the IRS. So go figure they are being targeted by them. If you speak out do not be surprised that you will get a knock at the door by the feds. Do i think this is a bad thing, yes! Mainly because the government is more and more going after people who speak out against them. I am okay with government to stop terrorist and real criminals but just going after people who are just voicing their right as a U.S citizen is just plain messed up you know. How do you feel, should they be doing this? Is it right? Tell me in the comments below.

IRS Is A Knocking

Well today I got the notice that I was expecting. YOU OWE US! In all reality it is rather low but still annoying. I really dont want to pay it since its for self employment tax and that mainly goes for my social security and medicare. Both of which I will never see. We really need to stop paying for something we will never see. I know as of right now we need to petition the government to change the rules of the game. If your under 40, you should just pay into a private savings account. This would be in the control of the person and not the government. You would still be removed from your check but it would go into your retirement account and not a government coffer that they leave IOUs in all the time. At least this help people be responsible for themselves and not on others. If your over 40, you still pay in to ss and medicare but after these people are gone then bam, no more ssa. This may take another 40 years but at least it will have a ending. This ends my rant of my tax bill today.

100k Downloads For Printable Gun: DOJ Cries

Well after releasing details on how to make a printable gun. The department of justice is crying foul. They are issuing a legal takedown to stop sharing CAD plans that will allow you to print a gun. They are citing laws pertaining to exporting weapons for the takedown. The funny thing is they have no issue giving guns to drug cartels and terrorists but if the people figure out how to prouce their own guns….omg. Now you could argue that this will allow gangbangers to get guns easier. I never met a gangbanger tech savy enough to build and setup a 3D printer. It isnt for the faint if heart or retarded. Also some terrorist hiding in a cave doesnt scare me much either. I think they are afraid they will be used against the government. I personally dont think a armed conflict with the government would work at all. I also would not support such a cause, but I would not be suprised if it did happen. So what do you think? Is the DOJ really worried about guns going overseas via the plans or are they worried about us getting them. Questions and comments below.

Well If Your Not A Criminal, Prove It!

Well more crap spouted by the NYPD is hitting the pages of the net. This time they are now saying that the person arrested now has to prove he is not guilty. In a normal world the state has to prove you did something wrong. I am getting tired of cities starting to pull a nazi response to the jews. Prove your not jewish. Most of the time they couldnt because it was impossible to prove something like that. We need to stop giving up rights to the police. Fight back by demanding your rights in peaceful protest, voting, starting new laws to keep the police in check, or even just film the police when they do bad things. Not all of the police are bad, most are pretty good. Thou police saying you have no rights due to a invisible unknown person might do something wrong is not american. They should be kicked off the force. Story

Radioactive Water Dumped Into Lake

Well they say that nuclear plants are totally safe. That there is nothing to see here but they are. Apparently a power plant in Michigan was allowed to dump radioactive water into the lake because if a leak. Why would the EPA allow this. No level of radioactivity is safe. They allowed this because of a tank leak. Why did they not shutdown the plant to repair the tank before the forced shutdown of the plant? Greed! They would lose millions to be down to fix the tank. I think that nuclear isnt the worst thing if they keep plants in tip top shape. Thou over the years, plant managers have just let them goto hell. They still dont have a safe place to store the waste either. This is why we need to build more wind and solar to switch over the power grid. At least most the conponents can be recycled and broke down once the parts are not needed or old. Toxic waste lasts forever! So people speak up and get ob the ball with clean energy. Story